Original Abstract Paintings of Meinhardtart

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Acrylic composite photo with unique depth effect

Plexiglas® is a highly transparent, age and weather resistant acrylic and provides a shatterproof alternative to glass. Behind acrylic you present your motifs with elegant radiance and colour intensity. After exposure on premium photo paper, the photo is perfectly laminated behind the acrylic plate using adhesive or silicone lamination.

  • Delivery includes pre-assembled hanging device
  • Brilliant colours and impressive depth effect
  • Your photo is laminated behind acrylic glass (also known as Plexiglas®)
  • Very high UV protection for long-lasting radiant colours
  • Acrylic pictures are absolutely unbreakable and lighter than glass
  • Our tip: Especially suitable for colourful photos
  • Thickness: 3 mm glossy or 2 mm matt acrylic glass + carrier medium
  • Fineart 8-colour printing on premium paper
  • The smallest details are reproduced in high sharpness


Alu-Dibond: Classiness in High Quality

  • Delivery including suspension
  • printed on professionell 3mm alu-dibond plates
  • High stability, long-life cycle and dimensional stability
  • Our tip: It's well suited for very big formats because of the high stability.
  • Fine Art print on premium paper
  • Small details can be reflected in high sharpness
  • Also suitable for outside

FineArt Hahnemühle

Fine Art premium – Hahnemühle

Fine papers for demanding colour prints.

– particular effects with black and white images –

FineArt papers are good for high-grade prints in colour or in black and white. FineArt papers are meeting a few claims: comfortable haptic, longevity and high colour stability.

All FineArt papers are suitable for Digigraphie® .Digigraphie is a modern solution for limited prints and artworks. They get embossing stamps for certification.


Photoprints in high quality from our local expert

  • brilliant photo prints on genuine brand name photo paper from Fujifilm


Pictures on canvas

Scene your favourite motif classically

  • High-quality: Photo print on canvas with characteristic structure
  • carefully and professionally stretched by hand on a stable wooden wedge frame
  • subsequent stretching possible at any time
  • easy hanging on the carrier frame
  • wood from sustainable, European forestry

Jahreskalender 2022

enjoy all year

Jahreskalender für 2022

Schmücken Sie Ihre Wände mit dem Bild Ihrer Wahl und werfen Sie regelmäßig einen Blick auf den Kalender. So freuen Sie sich das gesamte Jahr an diesem Motiv.

Die Kalender sind jeweils im Endformat quadratisch, wobei die Motive im Hoch- oder Querformat vorliegen können und komlett dargestellt werden.